OKANOUE Alternative School


Haruoka-1chome, Minuma-ku, Saitama-shi (25mins from Omiya Station) 

Mail: [email protected]


If your son/daughter has any troubles with school attendance in Japan, I can support him/her. 

I had worked for 12 years as a school teacher or a counsellor in Saitama City. 

Now I manage a small Alternative School in Saitama-city and have the National Qualification of Psychology :公認心理師. I know a lot about Japanese school systems and students’ troubles. 

Most of the schools can count this alternative school's attendance as their enrolled school's attendance because I can cooperate with his/her enrolled school. 
※In the lesseons, I usually speak Japanese.


I speak some English so I can provide consultations for non-native speakers of Japanese. 
Feel free to contact me directly.


*Alternative School 

  •  Group Lesson (4students max)

  2days  / week :8,000円 
  Lesson Time : 2.5hours lesson + 1hour Self-study or recreation/ day

  • Admission fee : 5,000円
  • Fuel cost, Insurance fee : 3,000円/month
  • Free 2 weeks Trial 

  •  One-on-One Lesson (1lesson / week or more) 

  1lesson(50 mins.): 5,500円  ONLINE AVAILABLE
   Free 2 times Trial